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It Starts With a Dream

Donny speaks passionately to groups on a wide variety of topics, but most dear to his heart, is the series he does for schools entitled ‘It Starts With a Dream.’

‘It Starts With a Dream’ is a one-of-a kind inspirational and interactive motivational youth seminar designed to instill confidence in school children through stories and song.’It Starts With a Dream’ encourages the youth of your community to pursue and achieve their highest ambitions, regardless of their own personal obstacles and difficult situations. ‘It Starts With a Dream’ empowers children to grab a hold of their future, to be proactive in planning, focusing, pursuing and realizing their dreams.

Donny delivers heartfelt lessons of truth and common sense, stemming from personal experience. With an undeniable gift for engaging children, Donny’s impact is instant and enduring. As Donny says, ‘You only get out of life what you put into it . . . . Children are so receptive. If we can teach them while they’re young that making the right decisions can and will alter their life paths, it will make a difference. Every person is in charge of their own destiny. The younger a person realizes that, the better their chances for success will be.’

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Hi Donny, Thank you so much for sharing your time with us here.  The kids were so excited as we left the gym. It is the first time in my thirty years here that I have heard older students singing in the halls! Johnny Cash’s ” Burning Ring of Fire” has seen a revival with the younger generation!!! We all have dreams and every one needs to realize that dreams are attainable no matter what your circumstance. Your personal message showed that and was inspiring to everyone who listened. Thank you for that.
I am attaching notes that my students have written to you. I wish they could have had time right after we came back to our class to write them because they were so excited and had so many wonderful things to say about your presentation and the “concert”. We didn’t have time to write until the end of the day but they were still pretty pumped.  The written comments are their own (so is the spelling for the most part). The discussion and comments the kids were making to each other during the writing time certainly showed that they got the message of following your dream, being kind to others and disconnectiong from “screens”.  ( I appreciate that because I have been tellling them that all year!)

Norma, Grade One Teacher. Davidson School

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Hello Donny
I’m from Shaunavon. I loved your performance. You have set me on step closer to my dream. You are an awesome singer. My dream is performing Ventriloquism famously, with my puppet Zack. I used your 6 steps for my dream. Now I go around to classes in my school and perform with Zack the Dog!
From Shalayne
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